What is Stroller Spa?

Stroller Spa is a full-service baby gear detail, authorized repair and rental service. Stroller Spa also sells new and upscale consignment strollers, accessories and parts and operates as a certified car seat installation service.

How does it work?

An appointment is made with a Stroller Spa certified technician via phone or email, or, if the customer is in the San Francisco Bay Area, by popping by our flagship location where no appointment is necessary.

How long does it take?

cleaning services average 24-48 hrs and most repairs take a day or less. same-day service for cleaning can be booked in advance for an additional fee and include a loaner. car seat installations and gear consultations usually require 45 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Car seat cleanings are $65-$90 and strollers start at $99 (for umbrella strollers) and go up to $175 (for double jogging strollers). For a full list of our services, please click HERE.

How do you clean the gear?

When cleaning strollers, we strip off the fabric and hand-wash it using the highest-powered commercial grade steamer; we buff out the scratches in the chassis; we take off the wheels (if applicable) and pick them clean and scrub the foam. We also give the stroller a complete tune-up – this includes brakes, suspension (if applicable), alignment and lubrication. The full deep cleaning process takes 6-7 hours of labor and stroller really comes back looking and running like new!
For carseats, we remove the fabric and hand-wash it using the highest-powered commercial grade steamer and gently but thoroughly clean and sanitize the shell, straps, buckles and base according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do you clean other items?

Yes! We clean everything! From carriers to swings to bouncy seats to entire nurseries, no job is turned away!

What types of products do you use to clean your gear that you service?

Many ask us how we get even the toughest stains out (think beyond spit up!) and our answer is always clean and clear, “Good old fashioned elbow grease!”. In fact, our Stroller Spa Strolleristas still use the same time-tested, ECO-friendly methods of cleaning and sanitizing that our founder used when she started the business in her home where toxins were a “No No” over a decade ago. In addition to our famed Elbow Grease, Stroller Spa also utilizes all-natural, ECO-friendly, unscented cleaning products that we hand-make ourself in our San Francisco Stroller Spa Workshop. Want a sample, just ask!

How often should I clean my gear?

Stroller Spa recommends starting with a deep clean (our standard Ooh La La Ultimate Hand-wash) and going from there. Urban dwellers who use their gear every day in extreme environments may opt for a deep cleaning every six months, while those who mainly drive and stroll indoors (malls, light neighborhood and park visits) may opt for once a year. Of course the occasional sickness or blow out is going to happen, in which case you may want to high-tail it to your nearest Stroller Spa ASAP. Memberships for families who love our services are available and also include deep discounts and special perks, including our Zippy-Zap Quick Clean which is meant to be a refresher for gear that has already been fully serviced. Find out more HERE!

Do you repair Strollers?

Yes! Stroller Spa technicians are fully trained and certified in Stroller Mechanics and service all brands. Stroller Spa technicians undergo a thorough, diverse, hands-on training program and work closely with manufacturers to assure that precious gear is kept running well for years to come. Stroller Spa is an Authorized Service Center for most major brands and we service all strollers. Stroller Spa services in and out of warranty strollers, depending on the brand. As always, register your gear with your manufacturer at the time of purchase to protect your investment and get up to date information on news, recalls and more!

Do you rent Strollers?

Yes! Whether you have a relative coming to visit or want to try-before-you-buy, Stroller Spa has a full array of clean and upscale gear ready to roll! Stroller Spa also has partnerships with many major hotel chains and offers delivery, a full tutorial and a concierge service just in case any questions or concerns pop up while a new-to-you stroller is being rented. Prices and inventory vary per location. Check with your local Stroller Spa Shop for details.

I really want to have my gear serviced but I need it every day!

Stroller Spa offers rentals and loaners for our customers at free or little cost. Just make sure to call in advance so that we can have your loaner steamed, shined and ready for pick up! If a loaner is not available or you can’t bare to be without your gear, same day service can be arranged in advance for an additional fee. Please give your local Strollerista at least 24 hours notice for same day requests.

Do you pick up and deliver?

Normally yes but we are looking for drivers at the moment. Check back or call for specific needs.

Can I consign my stroller with you?

Yes! Members can consign their stroller with any participating Stroller Spa. Strollers and accessories (sorry, no car seats) are given our signature deep cleaning and advertised through several media outlets, and, if applicable, in our storefront locations. The split is 60 (Stroller Spa) / 40 (the Owner). Once gear sells, a check can be picked up from the shop or sent electronically to the owner.
Members can also feature their gear on our website for a fee of $50. Gear can be certified by Stroller Spa for $25 and tuned-up & steam-clean/sanitized for $50.
To start the process of consigning or placing your items on our website, kindly send photos and stroller information to orders@strollerspa.com.

Can I buy a stroller from you?

Yes! Stroller Spa sells new and upscale consignment gear. All of our upscale consignments have been thoroughly cleaned and certified and feature a tutorial for use and a full warranty. Our inventory varies per location and changes often so please give us a call if you are looking for something special. Another option is to purchase used elsewhere and bring your new-to-you gear to Stroller Spa for a deep cleaning and tune-up!

Can you help me decide what gear is best for my family’s needs?

Many families who only research online end up with gear that they don’t love, or worse, don’t use! Let our baby gear experts walk you though multiple types of gear and their unique features, helping you find the perfect stroller, car seat and accessories to match your family’s lifestyle and needs. Gear Consultations are an average of 45 minutes long and require an appointment and a deposit of $50 which can be used that day or for future purposes.

How is Stroller Spa different?

Stroller Spa started as a totally original concept by our founder nearly a decade ago and continues to bloom internationally through the work of our owners, customers, manufacturing partners and competitors. Stroller Spa still uses the same tried-and-true deep cleaning methods that our founder used at our inception, and we don’t believe in cutting corners for cost. Mold, mildew, rust and vomit don’t stand a chance against our time-tested methods, and we guarantee our customer’s happiness with our service, even if it means scrubbing fabric multiple times until it is stain free. Our owners are all parents themselves and strive to not only build a business for their families, but to also build a bridge of knowledge for their customers and communities to better understand the gear that they own. Stroller Spa is the pioneer of the industry and grew, not from investors and business savvy founders, but from a love of doing, learning and sharing in an honorable, inquisitive and compassionate way. We love what we do and, if haven’t experienced our services yet, it’s worth noting that we love our customers too.