Our Story

Since launching the business in 2006, Mom and Founder Jamie Mamikunian has pioneered a niche market that has nearly exploded over the course of a dozen years with similar business popping up all over the globe including New York, Canada, Dubai, Japan and even South Africa -but Stroller Spa truly has grassroots beginnings.

It all began with one mothers desire to personalize her stroller which led to the creation of a closely knit community where parents, caregivers, manufacturers and owners connect. Read more about Jamie’s Story on A Founder’s Story.

The team at Stroller Spa literally couldn't be more helpful. They were our go to for information start to finish (perhaps more than they would have liked, although they never acted like we were too much trouble). Which stroller, which adaptor, cleaning, parts, what you can get second hand, changing fabrics, EVERYTHING. SF is lucky to have them, as are we.

San Francisco, CA

We just had our car seat installed through Stroller Spa and it was a great experience! The owner was so friendly, knowledgeable and took her time explaining everything - which was great because we came in with zero knowledge on anything car seat related. I would definitely recommend.

Jena C
San Francisco, CA

This place is legit good at making any beat-up stroller look and work like new again! I got a hand-me-down BOB jogging stroller that's 10 years-old, in fair condition, flat tires, and with stains here and there. I brought it in and Jamie took one look at the stroller and was immediately able to tell me what year it was made, inform me there was a recall on one of the drawstrings on the canopy, and the durability of my particular model. I was floored. Some people are experts in luxury cars, Jamie is the expert in luxury strollers!

San Francisco, CA

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. My wife and I were really impressed with the level of service and variety of strollers. A must-stop if you're in the market for a stroller and not sure what to look for. They also have a bunch of stroller maintenance services. We'll be back.

Elliott Blake
San Francisco, CA

I am so happy with the work that Stroller Spa did on my Bugaboo! It runs like a dream and looks even better! Also, the customer service was impeccable! Thank you for your help!!!

Amanda J.
Phoenix, AZ

What a great idea! I had never heard of a service that professionally and safely cleans strollers, car seats, and baby gear. But, when I heard about Stroller Spa, I thought it was genius! Moms are busy, but still want their kids in clean, sanitary seats.

Karley B.
Pleasantville, CA

My car seat was in desperate need of cleaning, but it isn't a slip-off cover and I had no idea how to take it off to wish it. I called Stroller Sp and they took it right away. When I got it back, it looked BRAND NEW! The owner is SUPER nice and never made me feel bad for having such a gross looking car seat. She even has a loaner car seat. I can't recommend them enough!

Lucy M.
Concord, CA

I can't recommend this service enough! My car seat, base, and stroller look new! I love that non-toxic cleaners are used, and I loved that they provided me with a loaner. The customer service was great, and the outcome even better!

Ashley H.
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Stroller Spa, I wanted to thank you for your hard work. My stroller runs more smoothly and the cleaning exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to friends.

Katie B.
Toronto, CAN

The Stroller Spa gave my Bugaboo a new life and I couldn't be happier. I never thought I would see it look new again after three kids, but it does...brand new! Their attention to detail is immaculate and I am so happy I found this amazing service.

Kapri R.
Chandler, AZ

I was so bummed out that my Bugaboo stroller wasn't working correctly, then I found Stroller Spa, and now my Bugaboo works like new. If you are looking for a repair, clean, or maintenance services on high-end, or any type of stroller, this is the place to go. Great, fast, and reasonable pricing services repair. They even suggested ways to keep my stroller well-maintained. I am definitely coming back to get my stroller clean.

Lynn R.
Los Angeles, CA

I recently had my stroller detailed by Stroller Spa East Bay and I couldn't be more satisfied! My BOB stroller had been outside in our backyard under a tarp, which I thought was protecting it from rain and weather. But, to my surprise, when I took it out to use it, the stroller was covered with mold. Yikes!!! I dropped off my stroller...when I returned to pick it up, I felt as if I had received a new stroller

Renee C.
Petaluma, CA