It’s time we took a stand against poor handling of strollers and wheel chairs on the loading belt at the airport. This mom was told not to travel with an expensive stroller. Yikes! To protect your stroller when traveling:

1) Use a padded travel bag to secure your stroller and wheels. Consignment bags work well too – check Craigslist, your local mommy group or a Stroller Spa near you.


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Leave your stroller at home and rent one at your destination. There are several baby gear companies to choose from or Stroller Spa rents clean and updated gear.

3) Remind the airlines to be very cautious with your stroller. If you must, tell them the value. There was once a baggage concierge worker that I knew that once told me, “Well, it’s a stroller, it’s not like we are loading a Madone (an expensive racing http://taminternational.com/cheap/ bicycle)”. True, it’s not a Madone, but it might as well be for the value in price and usage.

Travel safely and travel well this year!